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WhiplashInfo has about 43 000 thousand unique visitors per month. They generate about 6,5 Gb in traffic during each month. Google index about 10.000 pages (site:whiplashinfo.se, some 11,500 results (0.06 seconds)

The portal, which has become one of Scandinavian most comprehensive in areas concerning personal injury in general and traffic injury in special, is managed by me - Tomas Alsbro, non profit. I'm quite sever neck injured my self, and started the site as a nightly therapy project, when pain kept me from sleeping. I run the site from my home, at times my own injures allow me. All parts of WhiplashInfo is free of charge or fees.

At present the Help-Forum has about 2 500 members. 

The Purpose

with WhiplashInfo is among others to

My interest and focus today is to help preventing other people experience what I have done. All trouble with physicians without any knowledge of Whiplash associated problems and syndromes, rehabilitation, social security and insurance companies is something I want to help other overcame. In Sweden I try to raise opinions in order to influence media and politicians in this matters.

I have delivered knowledge to the Swedish Government in issues concerning personal injuries, insurance and physicians problems, and law matters surrounding insurance claims, health care and social services.


At WhiplashInfo you can find information and facts in nearly all fields surrounding personal injury and the problem areas facing disabled, injured, and sever illness. The site consists of more then 3,000 pages, 4,500 images, 30,000 hyper links.

WhiplashInfo follows the ethical guidelines adopted by Guidelines from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, and the guidelines adopted by the Swedish Medical Society. This must not be understood as that WhiplashInfo, nor me, is medical educated, or pretend to be a medical advisory portal, except when outspoken in special materials provided by professionals. The ethical guidelines can be read following hyperlink (in Swedish).

Legally responsible:

Tomas Alsbro


WhiplashInfo hasn't exist in it's present shape without support of this partners, whom kindly donated soft- and hardware's.


You can reach me through this e-mail address (please note the wording of the email address that is made to keep the spambots away): supportetwhiplashinfodotse