The WYSIWYG editor on this page for sending an e-mail in HTML format is for Windows IE5+ users only.

If you are are not using Windows IE5+, or you are having problems using the form below on your web browser then
Click here to use the Standard HTML e-mail editor

This is a WYSIWIG editor so what you see is how the e-mail will appear.

Use the formatting buttons to format your e-mail, if you type HTML source code into the text box it will be
shown as HTML source code in the e-mail.

You can copy and paste HTML form another web page in IE, but copy the actual page not the source code!

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Text Format:
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Please Note, that if you use any images in your e-mail the image must be on the Internet and have the full
URL path to the image including domain name as images are only shown in the e-mail, as long as the full URL
to the image is correct.