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About WhiplashInfo

As you probably already has discovered, this site is (so far) mainly available in Swedish. 

Why WhiplashInfo?

I'm disabled after a car accident and has quite a problem with sitting in front of a computer for longer periods, thus needing help from time to time.

Today my life is quite different from ordinary and healthy peoples life.

My interest and focus today is to help preventing other people experience what I have done. All trouble with physicians without any knowledge of Whiplash associated problems and syndromes, rehabilitation, social security and insurance companies is something I want to help other overcame. In Sweden I try to raise opinions in order to influence media and politicians in this matters.

I have delivered knowledge to the Swedish Government in issues concerning personal injuries, insurance and physicians problems, and law matters surrounding insurance claims, health care and social services.

I have no skills in programming - I have built WhiplashInfo using Microsoft FrontPage. At present I'm looking for a more potent framework expanding in the needs my readers has proposed, a site more accurate in delivering knowledge as articles in a with range of categories, information and possibilities to interact with other injured, a meeting place, as a social network.

The site consists of more then 3000 files, more then 2000 linked files, 29000 internal links and more then 54000 external links to pages outsides of WhiplashInfo.

A few of the pages in Whiplash Info are in English, and you find them through their English titles, or if you follow this link.

As I run the hole WhiplashInfo non commercial and as a non profit site, the registration is without any fee. If you want to discuss whiplash associated problems - you are welcome to the Help-Forum.

WhiplashInfo help persons with problems associated to injuries in general and whiplash injuries in special:

  • Whiplash syndrome and symptoms, as for instance secondary and late syndromes
  • Acute and persisting pain
  • Physicians unfamiliar with whiplash syndrome
  • Rehabilitation
  • Insurance problems
  • Doctor's certificate
  • Research, studies and articles
  • And much more

The site consists of more then 2 000 files and more then 24 000 hyper links.

My primary aim is to inform and help injured persons and their relatives to better understand their problems and if possible help them in all fields above.

WhiplashInfo is top rated with five stars in Medical Link in Sweden! No other Swedish site, dealing with whiplash syndromes has yet come near this ranking result. It is also the largest website in Scandinavia dealing with injuries in common and Whiplash especially.

If you can help me in finding information according to my aims with WhiplashInfo, don't hesitate to contact me!

The site is without commercial interest and run by me - Tomas Alsbro from my home.  The advertisements, all of them from companies with connection to injuries and sickness, contribute paying for the costs running the site.

Whiplash associated problems are universal and the needs of objective help are enormous, thus I'm trying to find someone who can help me translating this site, so far without any luck, I'm sorry.

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