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EU Ombudsmannen kritiserar ministerrådet
Europeiska kommissionen frågar allmänheten
European Ministers of Justice:
Kommissionen ingriper mot svenska sista instanser
Kommissionen och svensk domstolspraxis
Svar på öppen fråga
Recommendation No. R (93) 1
Explanatory Memorandum No.R(93)1
Resolution (75)7
Explanatory (75)7
Resolution (76) 5
Resolution (78) 8

European Ministers of Justice: Putting victims’ rights on paper and into practice

Yerevan, 13.10.2006 – The Ministers of Justice of the 46 member states of the Council of Europe today recommended taking measures to improve assistance to victims, to reduce the chances of their also being victims of administrative procedures and red tape, and to facilitate their rehabilitation and compensation for the damage suffered.

Meeting in Yerevan with the Armenian Minister of Justice Davit Harutyunyan in the chair, the European Ministers present stressed the need to identify good practices in terms of civil and administrative remedies to protect victims’ interests (such as legal aid and advice) and in terms of public and private insurance schemes.

They also called on the Council of Europe to pursue its work against domestic violence by looking into the need for and feasibility of a further legal instrument, specifically on violence against partners.

Welcoming the drafting of a European convention against the sexual exploitation of children, the Ministers pointed out that it was important for it to include victims’ rights, as does the European Convention against trafficking in human beings (2005).

The Armenian Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan was present at the opening of the conference.

The text of the resolution adopted by the conference is available on

Council of Europe Press Division
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